Sex in the dream

Thu 24 May 2018

This isn't actually a dream about a succubus because I know the person I did it with.

So I have known this friend for years. Been having similar dreams about her but decided to post this one because something strange happened.

We were legally married in this dream. We were both happy and discussing how many kids we wanted. I told her I wanted just one kid but she said she has always wanted three or four. After so much talks we settled for four( power of a woman ehh).

So we were going to make love.
But each time i tried to penetrate her my penis kept slipping out. Even if we changed positions it just didn't help.
This happened over ten - fifteen times.
I stopped trying because it became very frustrating.

I told her I would make some research on why this happened and seek solutions.
We agreed.

I woke up.


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