I smashed my phone out annoyance

07 Aug 2018

It's very bad to be angry because you can do unimaginable things when you are angry.

This dream goes thus : I was working on a project. Everything was under control and fine.

But someone (not going to reveal their identity) who was suppose to mind their business went to tell the workers working on the project if everything was going fine and to hasten up. It was clearly not their concern.

It's annoying when you tell someone that what you are handling is going on well but they doubt you and go over your head and try to take charge of something clearly not their business.

I went for a confrontation and a heated argument started. I said some unimaginable and unprintable things. I was so angry that I smashed my new phone which was just about two weeks old against the wall.

After the argument, I picked up my phone and saw that the screen was blank. I regretted my actions.

I woke up and the first thing I checked was my phone. It was good 😂.

No matter how angry you are, maintain self control.

Thank goodness it's just a dream.

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