I found my friends in the staff room having sex

19 Aug 2018

I was at a hospital to see some friends and it was already time for their close of shift. So I waited to join them in their staff bus home.

While we were waiting I was pressed so I went to the toilet to ease myself.

When I returned I couldn't find everyone. I asked the staff I saw about the others and I couldn't get a satisfying answer. So I went outside the gates to look around. Still couldn't find the rest of the staff and also my friends.

I came back in and I noticed one of the staff standing near a door at a building attached to the main hospital building.
The building looked like a changing room/staff room. So I entered the room. It was dark but no doubt I felt the presence of people in there. So I switched on the lights.

OMG!! There were three beds in the room and in it were two staff on each bed(male and female) having sex. I was so shocked and laughing at the same time while I walked out of the room. I opened the next door which was also another changing room and I saw same thing. I went out laughing so hard.

It was funny really but now I wouldn't have to wonder anymore where they went.

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 Tue 07 Sep 2021

 Maybe you are secretly hoping to be in a relationship with one of your work mates. :D