Had a great time with two female neighbors

26 May 2019

On this day I was driving home after visiting my brother who was at the hospital.

On my way home my the car developed a fault. I managed to drive it home. I Just decided to leave it till the next day before taking it to fix it at an Auto shop.

So I went inside the house to nap a little nap after which I will go out again.

As I lay down in bed I heard two female neighbors talking just by my window. I peeped for a while. One of them noticed someone at the window then came close to confirm her if someone was really peeping. But I pretended I was sleeping. They both put their heads through the window and started looking around my room. There were no burglary proof on the window.

And since my bed was very close to the window they both took turns and started kissing me. I responded positively and invited them into my room. We talk about random stuff and had a good time together.

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