Burglary caught on CCTV in the future

07 Sep 2021

This is the 1st time I've had this dream. Basically I have CCTV around my house (to catch burglars etc) When it detects motion it sends me a notification and I can view it on my phone.

Anyway, in my dream I had a dream that I got a notification. I clicked on view to see people burglarizing my house. I could see from the live feed that it was pouring rain yet it wasn't at my location (1 suburb away) and was a sunny day there.
The thieves were stealing my 55 inch TV, my expensive computer amongst other things yet the police were not attending.
To top it off the roof / walls of the house had blown away (not sure how) .
When I spoke to the police they told me it wasn't raining and nobody was at my house.
Somehow I found out that this is a scene from the future but I don't know how my phone is streaming a break in that hasn't occurred yet.
Anyway, I woke up at this point confused laying in my bed wondering if the crooks were surrounding me and if my TV & computer were still there.

Bizarre I know.

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